Soft Plastics For Flathead of 2023

Soft plastics are not new to flathead fishing, especially dusky flathead. There are better ways to relax in the estuary and catch a few fish to eat or release for others. Even bank anglers don’t have to worry about flathead fishing, as most fishing takes place in less than 3m of water.

Flathead fishing with soft plastics and lures is better done with sand underfoot. It’s easy to find a place to throw flathead plastics. Flathead will be found in any sandy estuary with drains, flats, and drop-offs. Soft Plastics For Flathead of 2023 Flathead and prey items will be protected by weeds, rubble, mud, or rock scattered among the sand.

Soft plastics should contact the bottom on most occasions since this is where flatheads spend most of their hunting. The jig head weights must be sufficient to locate the bottom quickly but not so heavy that they sink unnaturally into the sand. For most situations, 1/8-1/4 oz will suffice in water less than 3m depth. There are many options for jig heads, such as the Tackle Tactics Headlockz and Atomic Seekerz jig heads. Plastics, ZMan Diesel Minnowz, and Squigies Bio Tough Fish are great options. Hungry flatheads will happily take Saltwater Jerk Shads and Daiwa Bait Junkie Jerkshads.

It is not difficult to fish with soft plastics for flatties. Simply throwing them in areas where flatheads are likely to be found is an excellent place to start. Your plastics should be lifted off the bottom and allowed to fall. They often bite when they return to the bottom. Although many plastics already have a scent, you can add a purpose-built scent every half an hour to increase the bite rate. You will get an edge if you use liquid Mayhem Scent or Procure Super Gel Scent. Flatties are a great way to learn lure fishing. Flatties are delicious, easy to gear up for, and affordable.

Trolling with Plastics: Soft Plastics For Flathead of 2023

Trolling means towing a lure behind your boat and your engine in gear. Flathead fish, like flathead, prefer to be trolling at a slower speed, which is why it’s recommended that you saunter. For the first ten years of the millennium, trolling was somewhat behind casting soft plastics and spinning rods, but it is back in fashion, even though there are fewer trollers than in 1990. It can still be productive and a great way to find schools of fish.

It can be done in water between 60-80cm or deeper enough for the hulls to move to depths of 6m with deep diving rigid bodies. There are two main trolling techniques: using soft plastics or rigid bodies. This article will be about trolling plastics. Flathead trolling soft plastics.


Although it is one of the more obscure trolling methods, trolling plastics can still be very productive. Trolling plastics can be done in shallow water, less than 1m or 1.2m. You can be trolling soft plastics in shallow water between 60-90 cm, where the propeller barely clears the sand. This technique has been used successfully in calm estuary bays with sandy or muddy bottoms.

The motor striking and stirring the bottom occasionally acts as a berley trail that attracts fish to the trolling baits and baitcaster reels. Use heavier jig heads of 3/8 oz or more to get the lure deeper into deeper water.

Win a Quintrex Boat And Trailer

Win a Quintrex Boat and Trailer

The Gold Coast Sportfishing Club, Quintrex, Suzuki Marine, and Surf Coast Marine are delighted to offer anglers and boaties the chance to win a Quintrex Renegade Trailer and Boat Package. As a simple, no-fuss fishing tool, the Renegade range has quickly become a favorite among keen fishos. The Renegade range is equipped with both a front- and rear-casting platform. This powerful machine can do serious inshore tackle fishing.

Renegade’s popular range has been extended to include the 420 Renegade TS. It is sure to please anglers around the globe. The 420 Renegade fishing rod and boat are easy to use, with their carpeted floors and rod holders. Tickets are limited to 5000, which is a great chance. Tickets start at $5, four tickets are $20 each, ten tickets are $50, 20 tickets are $100, and 20 tickets are $100. The first prize is valued at $23,450. It includes a brand-new 2022 Model Quintrex Renegade, a 4.2m aluminum boat, and:

Win a Quintrex Boat and Trailer Feature

  • 2023 Suzuki DF50 50hp outboard motor, with tiller steer and controls
  • Plate for the bow mount of the trolling motor
  • Extra seat spigot
  • 2023 Quintrex 749T-Light alloy trailer
  • Safety pack for inshore fishing use
  • 12 Months Queensland or NSW registration
  • Pre-delivery by dealer and handover to the winner

The Raffle will begin on the 22nd of April 2023 and close on the 30th of September 2023. It will be drawn at 21:00 at Fisherman’s Lawn in Broadwater Parklands, North St., Southport QLD 4215. The draw is open to all ticket buyers.

Flat Out With a Flathead

The end of winter is here. The southeast Queensland fishing and its line is excellent in June and July, and August should produce the same. Flatheads are the most commonly captured fish, with many being found in the creeks and rivers around Brisbane. Flathead will move toward the entrances of ocean-fed rivers along the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. Over the next few months, many male and female flatheads will be spawning in deep waters.

Flathead Classic returns this year, and many anglers will be out pre-fishing for it.

Flathead hunting is accessible on the Gold Coast. There are many places to escape the wind. Flathead can be found in all the major rivers, and Jumpinpin Channel’s maze of islands provides shelter and holds many fish. This is a great time to experiment with lures and other techniques to discover what the fish are eating. They can become very temperamental when the weather changes, especially with the northwesterly winds.

Flathead & Jewfish

Soft Plastics For Flathead

This is the average size of most jewfish found in Brisbane River. This one was a prawn imitation. A northwesterly wind can cause the water in the Jumpinpin area to change from clear to brown within an hour. It is a problem that the fish can get sick of, and they will shut down after a few days. The fish don’t seem to be affected by the northwesterly wind in the rivers that run off northern Moreton Bay.

Flatheads are common in larger rivers like Pine, Caboolture, and Pumicestone Passage. The best soft plastic I have used is the paddle tail, which produces good results with baitfish profiles of between 3 and 4 inches. Curl tail plastics and prawn imitations have also worked well. Click here

It is a brilliant idea to bring a variety of plastics with you on every trip. Having a few different colors in each type of fishing reel and of plastic will help you get results. Fish will not take specific colors on some days. Your friend will catch all the fish if you don’t have the right color. This can be a great time to target them, as they haven’t seen any lures pass their snaggy houses in quite some time. They can be very excited by the northerly wind at the end of the month.

We look forward to seeing you out on the water.

Related FAQs

Although there are more technical terms, I prefer to keep it simple. Graphite or carbon rods can be bent to become straighter in their simplest form. When you lift the plastic, it turns but wants to return quickly. This gives your lure more action. Your graphite rod absorbs less effort so that you can provide the lure with better movement. Matt and a 64cm flathead caught on Zerek Flash Wriggly. Next, we need to ask why the braid is used. It has a minimal stretch, so it absorbs some of that action when you lift the rod tip. You get lots of effort into your lure.

It’s the simplest form of the item. It has some stretch to help you not pull on your fish.

That is the short answer. You can go to YouTube to watch videos of others tying knots. Once you have found the one you like and can tie it well, you can use it.

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