Shimano Jewel Spinning Rod Review

Great overall performance at an cheap price. This is how I might summarize the Shimano Jewel spinning rod. I bought my Shimano Jewel Spinning Rod Review to fish large tender plastics and I had been honestly inspired by how properly this rod performs.

Shimano Jewel Spinning Rod Review
Shimano Jewel Spinning Rod

So, after a few large usages, right here is my Shimano Jewel rod review, which will help you make an extra knowledgeable choice as to whether or not that is the proper rod for you.

The Updated 2023 Shimano Jewel Rod Looks Great

The Shimano Jewel is a completely famous variety of rods and has been for pretty some time now. So the release of their cutting-edge Jewel rod variety lower back in 2023 had a whole lot of anglers very excited.

With the brand new 2023 Jewel variety, Shimano introduced plenty of the latest enhancements to this rod as compared to preceding versions. The rod now has a miles better carbon content material in its design, so it’s far lighter and stronger. It additionally will increase the sensitivity of the rod and the healing capacity of it too.

When I noticed the rods I changed pretty greatly surprised via way of means of how beautiful they looked. I clearly like what Shimano has completed with the aesthetics of this cutting-edge Jewel rod.

The Updated 2023 Shimano Jewel Rod Looks Great
Stylish looks of the 2023 Shimano Jewel

The coloration scheme honestly catches the eye, with the black and white beauty genuinely status out for all of the proper reasons. The first-class cut-up butt design (a few rods withinside the variety may have a full-duration grip) at the rod additionally appears very stylish. The pearl-white skeleton reel seat stands proud and affords a hanging aesthetic to the rod.

  • Great rod
  • Bit heavy and stiff for my liking
  • Well made. Very light, but strong for small rod
  • Great bang for the bucking rod!
  • Trying to check on the warranty as we speak
  • The tip broke
  • Meaning, it was packed and already broken

Does the performance match the looks?

While the beautiful appearance of the Shimano Jewel is a pleasant plus for this rod, I`m certain you actually need to understand whether or not this rod has the overall performance to match. When I first held the rod it felt mild and comfortable.

I even paired it up with a Shimano Ultegra FC 3000 length reel, and the stability of this blend is excellent. The rod sits properly withinside the hand without me having to make any corrections to the stability. The bodily weight of the rod is impressive, the carbon content material, in reality, makes this a smooth rod to throw around and it additionally makes it outstanding responsive while you experience a chew to your entice or bait.

Shimano has used the Fuji skeleton reel seat layout at the rod to assist hold the load of the rod down. I am a fan of those reel seats as I do experience that they lessen weight withinside the proper locations without affecting the stability of the rod.

Does the performance match the looks?
Nice Flathead specimen caught on my Shimano Jewel rod and Ultegra FC reel

The bodily weight of the rod is impressive, the carbon content material actually makes this a smooth rod to throw around and it additionally makes it exquisite responsive whilst you sense a chunk in your trap or bait.

I’m simply going to the touch at the sensitivity of the rod additionally, as I was very inspired by how nicely it transmits even the faintest of touches from a fish via the rod. You truly won’t pass over lots while a fish indicates any hobby to your bait or trap.

One Design Feature I am Not Keen on

There is one layout characteristic of the Jewel rod I am now no longer eager on. That is the aluminum hook keeper that wraps across the returned give up of the grip 360 degrees (this hook keeper isn’t always on all the Jewel rods, and on some, it’s far in a distinctive area). Depending on how you want to maintain the rod, you can locate the palm of your hand rubbing towards this characteristic, which isn’t always that comfortable.

The Updated 2023 Shimano Jewel Rod Looks Great
Hook keeper on the Shiman on Jewel rod

Plus, it simply isn`t a very good area to have a hook keeper. If you’re sporting your rod with the hook withinside the hook keeper, it’ll be very near your hand and there may be the capacity of a coincidence happening.

Suitable For a Variety of Fishing Styles

I do like fishing rods that carry out simply as nicely over a selection of various fishing techniques. This is precisely what I even have discovered with the Jewel.

My preliminary idea for this rod turned into applying it for heavier gentle plastics, focused on large flathead and salmon, and it does this extraordinarily nicely.

Does the performance match the looks?
Nice Flathead specimen caught on my Shimano Jewel rod and Ultegra FC reel

But I even have extensively utilized this rod for throwing casting jigs out into the surf, and after I pair this rod with my 3000-length Ultegra FC reel I am capable of throwing 20g jigs a completely lengthy way. The retrieve while the usage of this method is excellent, I am very inspired by the mixture of energy and sense the rod provides.

You can truly sense the T45 clean and carbon content material doing its activity here. I additionally use this rod for topwater poppers and stick baits out into the surf as well. Again, the rod does the entirety I need it to with this fashion of fishing. So in case you need a rod that gives a degree of versatility, then the Jewel is a strong alternative for that.

Who is the Shimano Jewel Rod Suitable For?

I could say the Shimano Jewel fishing rods are appropriate for the severe hobbyist angler that desires a pleasant fishing rod that gives loads of overall performance functionality and versatility, however, while not having to pay top rate prices.

The Jewel is a mid-variety rod. It is made with extraordinary additives all through so you should pay a fee for this, however at the equal time while you do see the listing of componentry used at the rod then you may recognize you’re truly getting loads of pleasure in your money.

A Run-Through of The Components Used on The Shimano Jewel Rod

Starting from the butt-give up of the rod, you’ve got cushy EVA grips. On the version I have (702 3-6kg spin rod), there’s a break in the grip that appears sincerely good and is likewise very cushy to hold. Over the variety of the Jewel rods, you may see a mixture of break-up and strong EVA grips relying on the version you want.

The pearl-white Fuji skeleton reel seat now no longer handiest seems terrific, however, it does a terrific activity of lowering weight withinside the proper place, which makes casting lures around all day a miles less complicated aspect to do.

The Updated 2023 Shimano Jewel Rod Looks Great
Comfortable EVA grips on the Shimano Jewel rod

Then you’ve got got the aluminum hook keeper (this isn’t always on all fashions of the Jewel rod), which as I touched on earlier than isn’t always excellent in design and isn’t always located in a really perfect region either.

The T45 graphite clean is an effective spine for this rod. I am keen on this clean, I suppose it offers you numerous strengths while you want it, and additionally an incredible deal of experience as well, that’s so essential to many anglers that want to experience each little bit of hobby proven to their trap of bait through a fish.

The Fuji K stainless Alconite courses are used at the Jewel rod. What I like approximately those best Fuji Alconite K courses is they hardly ever snag, so that you can use an extended chief while not having to fear approximately the knot getting stuck up withinside the courses because it passes through.

  • This is an Awesome all purpose rod
  • This rod is the perfect length for crankbait fishing
  • Excellent heavy-action rod! Love it!
  • Awesome product. Highly recommend
  • Great, sensitive strong rod
  • Broke on the first outing
  • Priced Mediocre Quality
  •  The tip broke on the first use
  • Never buy a rod online again

Final Thoughts

Other than the dodgy hook keeper used in this rod I can`t fault it. I am a massive fan of this rod, and the flexibility it provides. For the rate, you pay for this rod you are becoming a whole lot great with your money. I will maintain the use of and playing my Jewel spinning rod, and I rather propose those rods to everybody who is seeking out a brand new rod to shop for and desires to get properly great at an inexpensive rate.

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Related FAQs

For the 2023 variety, Shimano introduced a further 7 rods to the Jewel variety so there’s now a complete of 25 extraordinary Shimano Jewel rods to pick out from.

No, they’re now no longer all spinning rods. There is a combination of spin rods, baitcasting rods, and overhead rods. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 17 x spin rods
  • 4 x baitcasting rods
  • 4 x overhead rods

There is this type of extensive variety of rods withinside the Jewel variety, you’re protected for maximum styles of fishing. If you need a Jewel rod for ultralight fishing you’ve got options, the 21JL701SPUL (1-piece) and the 21JL702SPUL (2-piece).

The 2023 Jewel has been upgraded to a T45 clean creation now incorporating better carbon content material to help with quicker clean restoration and response.

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